Summer Fiction “Throw Your Arms Around Me”

I’m back with some brand new flavor in your ear! It’s been along while, but I’ve been working as a contributor for another awesome blog, ROCKTHEDISCO. I’ve missed you elitist munchkins. Enough about moi, This post is all about an awesome band from Philadelphia called Summer Fiction, who make hauntingly beautiful-60’s-style-breeze pop. Back in December they released a self-titled, 11-track record full of songs which make you want shake/kiss your ex-lover, who’s long gone into the sunset. Their latest single “Throw Your Arms Around Me” fits the Summer Fiction motif, as lead-singer Bill Ricchini mends his own heart with painfully, heartfelt singing. Watch the perfectly fitting video for “Throw Your Arms Around Me” below and go to the band’s bandcamp page for a free download of the track, today only.