Kisses “Bermuda”

A young Los Angeles duo set out to make their music a breathy, breezy and flirtatious concoction and they succeeded. Kisses, consisted of band members Jesse and Zinzi, compose supreme euphonious numbers, that effortlessly caress  a multitude of pertinent musical classifications-of-the-week, but they do it better than anybody else in present memory, such as with their current single “Bermuda”. Surely, with this sound, they will be the nouveau hipster household name.  “The Heart Of The Nightlife”, their new LP will be out soon on New Feelings. Hear and Take for yourself below.

Download Kisses “Bermuda”


The Radio Dept. “Heaven’s On Fire”

Stockholm-via-Malmö, Sweden natives The Radio Dept. are more than ever determined to conquer the americas with their newest LP “Clinging to a Scheme”. The lead single is a tantalizing homage to love with a neo-innocent vibe. The track opens with a monologue on the government’s involvement in youth culture, that immediately enticed me and my conspiritorial heart. Just goes to show that, just because they’re are a few line-up changes, doesn’t mean a band loses it’s melodic dna or new melodies to entrall the listener. “Clinging to A Scheme” is out on Labrador on April 21st. But, for now you can wain away to “Heaven’s On Fire” and wish for yesterday’s gone by.

Download The Radio Dept. “Heaven’s On Fire”

Inlets “Bright Orange Air”

Brooklyn-via-Wisconsin native Sebastian Krueger of Inlets, has the artistic ingenuity to build resplendent numbers with sweeping sensory actions. “Bright Orange Air” with it’s entwining mellifluous guitars and full-bodied choruses, is a dedication to the kaleidoscopic fallout of metropolitan brilliance. The new LP “Inter Arbiter” parlays the talents from musical allies like Beirut vocalist Zach Condon, Dirty Projector’s singer Angel Deradoorian, cellist Maria Jeffers and violist Marla Hansen of the string quartet Osso. “Inter Arbiter” is due out on April 20th on TwoSyllable Records.

Mar 12 – 92Y w/ Glass Ghost, Bell  New York, NY
Mar 13 – Johnny Brenda’s w/ Oh!  Pears PA, PA
Mar 15 – The Basement  Nashville, TN
Mar 17 – Force Field PR / Terrorbird Media SXSW Day Party  Austin, TX
Mar 19 – TwoSyllable/Transparent SXSW Day Party  Austin, TX
Mar 22 – DC9  Washington, D.C.
Mar 24 – The Khyber  Philadelphia, PA

Download Inlets “Bright Orange Air”