Summer Fiction “Throw Your Arms Around Me”

I’m back with some brand new flavor in your ear! It’s been along while, but I’ve been working as a contributor for another awesome blog, ROCKTHEDISCO. I’ve missed you elitist munchkins. Enough about moi, This post is all about an awesome band from Philadelphia called Summer Fiction, who make hauntingly beautiful-60’s-style-breeze pop. Back in December they released a self-titled, 11-track record full of songs which make you want shake/kiss your ex-lover, who’s long gone into the sunset. Their latest single “Throw Your Arms Around Me” fits the Summer Fiction motif, as lead-singer Bill Ricchini mends his own heart with painfully, heartfelt singing. Watch the perfectly fitting video for “Throw Your Arms Around Me” below and go to the band’s bandcamp page for a free download of the track, today only.


Klokwize “Whatcha Doin”

It’s a sad fact of being a friend of mine, but I rarely pay attention to what my friends do–ever. It’s not that I don’t care, the truth is that I have a ton of friends; most of which are involved in some facet of the arts. DJ’s, musicians, painters, designers…you get the picture. And although, I rarely pay attention to them, it’s usually because there isn’t ever a reason to do so, especially to rappers, until I met Klok.

Meet Klokwize—a MC with a flair and delivery all his own, and yes a friend of mine. Klokwize is very well known in our home state of Connecticut and for good reason. His rhymes feature his ability to merge both a sincere candidness and a compelling narrative, which most current rappers lack.

As an avid and real Hip Hop fan, I appreciate fresh perspectives, not just the ability to spit something witty or dance to. Klokwize does just that on his new single “Whatcha Doin” from his forthcoming eponymous EP, available on September 14th. The five-track EP features reworked instrumentations of songs previously featured on his last LP “Happy Camper”. Klok tells That Band Does Not Exist that “Many of the songs were originally standard hip hop beats featured on my last album “Happy Camper”. The response to them was so strong, we re-worked them and really expanded and fleshed out the sound.”

See for yourself what I mean below and watch the video for “Whatcha Doin” featuring Dave Ma. Check out Klokwize’s Facebook and catch his release show on Saturday, September 4th at Black Eyed Sally’s in Hartford.

Download Klokwize “Happy Camper” LP