Reborn On The 4th of July


Not in actuality, but metaphorically speaking, yes. The 7th of June is where it’s at, a brand new world. Neglect isn’t a word that should be thrown around lightly, but dare I say that I, Anna Victrola, have done so to you guys.

I am coming back soon with a vengeance and That Band Does Not Exist will be a force to be reconed with, the ultimate force. Just like that saying that my mother used to say back in the 80’s. “Don’t Fuck With The Force!” That message is resounding loudly in my head.  It’s been a long while since any updates, and I apologize sincerely. But, on the upside Monday will be grand.




Did You Miss Me?

I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted here…and I give my sincerest apologies to you all. It’s been a hectic month with familial reunions, potential job offers and now living in an area that should be called the Atlantic Northeast, with the perpetual rainfall, that is bestowed from the heavens unto this region.

But, enough with excuses…I will be posting the latest and greatest news and downloads in the music world. I promise I have punished myself fully for not posting lately and It hurts (there was a riding crop involved). Okay, my little cackling peacocks, hence forth, I will be trudging on with the music.

Yippie Ki-Yay Motherfuckers,

Anna Victrola