Early Christmas Tree Fires: Winter Mix 2011

Winter Mix Cover

Fear not my meandering minions, ’tis the season…oh, fuck that noise. It’s December 1st, and 50 degrees here in the Northeastern United States. No need to remind you how this year flew on by or how insane the weather is (HAARP). We are here to celebrate winter or, shall I say, the winter soon cometh, with another musical concoction. So, open your refrigerator and throw away last year’s boxed nog and grandma’s disgustingly-molded-over fruit cake. We will malaise together this winter season with this refreshingly, seasonal-affective-disorder friendly mix. I leave you with how I feel about this year finally coming to an end—-Fuck Christmas, Hannukah, and the year 2012! I will see you all again with fresh tracks in the Spring. The tracklisting and download link is below as always doll.


1. Blood Orange – “Bad Girls”

2. Craft Spells– “Time Lapse”

3. Still Corners – “Into The Trees”

4. Cults – “Bad Things (Remix) (Feat. Freddie Gibbs)”

5. Gauntlet Hair – “Keep Time”

6. Pat Jordache– “Get It (I Know You’re Going To)”

7. Washed Out – “Amor Fati (Au Revoir Simone Remix)”

8. Jane Jane Pollock – “Stuck On A Highway Island”

9. Youth Lagoon – “Cannons”

10. Glass Vaults – “Golden”

11. Summer Fiction – “Christmas Eve For Two”

12. ASAP Rocky – “Palace”

13. The Drums – “Money”

14. Fantasy Island – “Avenue”

15. Dreams – “Inlove.”

16. Future Trends – “Dangers Of The Night”

17. Drake – “Crew Love (Feat. The Weekend) (Chopped & Screwed)”

18. Seventeen Evergreen – “Angels”

19. Viernes – “Lightyear”

20. Parenthetical Girls – “Sympathy For Spastics”

21. Blackout Beach – “Be Forewarnded, The Night Has Come”

22. Kisses – “Johnny and Mary”

Download Early Christmas Tree Fires Winter 2011 Mix


Love Me Before Dusk: Autumn Mix 2011

TBDNE, Autumn Mix 2011

Labor Day has past and that means it’s soon time to break out the leather jackets and fashionable-wool-bandanas. Autumn is going to put out those summer bonfires. And with the changing leaves, comes a brand-spanking-new Fall Mixtape from yours truly. Definitely tunes to breathe in the crisp air and wallow in autumn meloncholia. You’ll find familiar artists within this mix, such as Shabazz Palaces and Love Inks, none-the-less, melodies to enjoy from September to November. Tracklisting and download link below as always.

Until the next mixtape. -Anna V.


1. Love Inks – “Leather Gloves”

2. Princeton – “Clamoring For Your Heart”

3. SLEEP ∞ OVER – “Romantic Streams”

4. Golden – “Desireé”

5. Machine Birds – “One Last Try”

6. The Field – “Then It’s White”

7. Naminé – “The Train”

8. Shabazz Palaces – “Emblazoned On Ice”

9. Youth Lagoon – “Montana”

10. Nicoletta – “Il Est Mort Le Soleil”

11. The Weeknd – “Rolling Stone”

12. Purity Ring – “Belispeak”

13. Houttaker – “Judy, Judy”

14. Dark Captain – “Bellcurve”

15. Atlas Sound – “Terra Incognita”

16. Dark Captain – “Submarines”

17. Blouse – “Videotapes”

Download Love Me Before Dusk Autumn 2011 Mix

Coming Undone Under Fire: Summer 2011 Mix

Coming Undone Under Fire: Summer 2011 Mix

Well hello kiddies, I am am back and with a fresh new mix to sip your frothy drinks to. This is my ode and soundtrack to the summer of 2011. It’s still early in the season and hope still springs eternal for fun times and fast love. Hopefully, this mix will drudge up memories of sleepless nights because of broken air conditioners. That unrequited mid-July crush from 8th grade, who kissed your enemy at the public pool. Melted choco-tacos dripping down your dirt-clad hands. 1 AM fights in the Friendly’s parking lot. Drunken sex at a beach birthday party with your best friend’s sibling…You get the gist. Tracklisting and Download link below.

 Coming Undone Under Fire:

1. Blood Diamonds – “Grins”

2. Casey Burge – “Three Flavors”

3. Billy Comfort – “Wonder of we (Feat. Steffaloo)”

4. Colateral Soundtrack – “1911”

5. Computer Magic – “Grand Junction”

6. Sleep Over – “Casual Diamond”

7. The Fresh & Onlys – “August in my mind”

8. Holiday Shores – “Threepeat Got Old”

9. The Hood Internet – “Kaputting It Up (Raekwon vs. Destroyer)”

10. Idiot Glee – “Don’t Go Out Tonight”

11. Hotel Mexico – “Dear Les Friends”

12. IT IS RAIN IN MY FACE – “When You Left”

13. Shabazz Palaces – “Swerve…The Reeping of all that is worthwhile (Noir Not Withstanding)”

14. SBTRKT – “Wildfire”

15. Blouse – “Firestarter”

16. Love Inks – “Blackeye”

17. Seapony – “Blue Star”

18. The Weeknd – “House of Balloons (Glass Table Girls)”

Coming Undone Under Fire: Summer 2011 Mix Download