Liquidity Of The Sunlight: Spring Mix 2012


…And we’re back y’all, tis the time for our quarterly mixtape. It’s finally SPRING…although for us here in the Northeast, winter has finally begrudgingly sprung upon us. But, enough about weather manipulation, this is all about the music. Music that hopefully, will bring you the urge to run through a field of red poppies. I put together this mix with fond memories of springs past; large swelling mellifluous currents, reveries and crescendos. The tracklisting and download links follow below.


1. Battles – “White Electric (Shabazz Palaces Remix)”

2. Juveniles – “Hard Working Girl”

3. Grimes – “Be A Body (侘寂)”

4. St. Lucia – “We Got It Wrong”

5. CSLSX & I Break Horses – “Violent Sea”

6. Nite Jewel – “One Second of Love”

7. COLOURS – “Sundown”

8. Friends – “Friend Crush (Leo Zero Remix)”

9. David’s Lyre – “We Found Love (David’s Lyre Remix)

10. Frankie Rose – “Know Me”

11. Scout Cortez – “Berliner”

12. Gordon Voidwell – “XO Boyfriend”

13. D-E-W-L – “D-E-W-L Red Velvet”

14. Evian Christ – “Payo Rent”

15. Memoryhouse – “The Kids Were Wrong”

16. Clap – “In My Dreams”

17. Pains of Being Pure at Heart – “Too Tough (St. Etienne Remix)”

18. Ssion – “My Love Grows In The Dark”

Download Liquidity of the Sunlight Spring 2012 Mix: Part I

Liquidity of the Sunlight Spring 2012 Mix: Part II

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