How To Dress Well divulges new LP’s tracklist

Tom Krell, better known as moniker, How to Dress Well, has had many irons in the fire this past year. He’s released 7 of his EP’s for free consumption at his blog ,where you can still find them, most recently released being “Can’t See My Own Face – The Eternal Love 2”. He also just put out his debut 7″, “Ready for the World”. And now Krell is ready to lovingly accost the world with his first official full-length release “Love Remains”. To be released on September 21 through Lefse here in the states. The 14-track album consists of material finely picked from those aforestated EP’s, some re-recorded with new instrumentation. Check the album’s tracklist below and if you are in the tri-state area, How to Dress Well will perform his first U.S. show ever on August 13 over at Glasslands in Brooklyn.

Love Remains Tracklist:

1. You Hold the Water
2. Ready for the World
3. My Body
4. Suicide Dream 2
5. You Won’t Need Me Where I’m Goin’
6. Can’t See My Own Face
7. Walking This Dumb
8. Date of Birth
9. Escape Before the Rain
10. Endless Rain
11. Lover’s Start
12. Mr. By & By
13. Decisions (feat. Yüksel Arslan)
14. Suicide Dream 1

Download How To Dress Well “Ready For The World”


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