M.I.A. Unveils New Song + Short Film

Maya Arulpragasam

Contrary and minxish as always, M.I.A. has premiered “Born Free” from her yet-to-be-titled third studio album. This bit of expatiated electronic-punk released via her N.E.E.T. Records label, by making a proclamation through  Twitter, saying: “If ur gonna leak my song u might as well do it right here you go , a post card from waziristan”. Apparently, not as immediate as the likes of “Sunshowers” or “Bamboo Banga”, the song  interlaces conjointly the hurling, enveloping rowdiness with a clashing, pulverizing bass and drum line,  that attempt to keep pace with the other.  Meanwhile, M.I.A.’s  went on the full website-take-over route for the unveiling of a new short film, which is soundtracked by “Born Free”. The nine-minute clip, is directed by Romain Gavras, and looks like a “Generation Kill” short cross-bred with an excerpt from some real-time war documentary, a.k.a. something you’d see on HBO. In the most elementary of terms, police attempt to round up all the ginger children, so that they can execute them. It’s quite intense, with some NSFW shit, and if anything, it should supply your Monday quota for blood, violence and melancholia. Check out the clip and song below.

Download M.I.A. “Born Free”


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