Dead Man’s Bones Documentary

Oh, my dear Ryan Gosling…How do you find the time to be both an amazingly-wonderfully-talented actor and my gorgeous sex slave a curiously equally talented musician? It Must be the enchanted-sorcerous drinking water at Disney that you ingested back in 1993, because you haunt me with your artistic savvy. has posted a documentary on Dead Man’s Bones, who is fronted by, you guessed it. Ryan Gosling with drummer Zach Shields and for every city they visited on tour, a guest children’s choir. Dead Man’s Bones is best described as one part, spending the night in Vincent Price’s guest bedroom in a lightning storm and the last part consists of converting the screams that emanate from that bedroom mathematically into song, but taking place in the 1950’s.  The best part of the documentary is where Gosling is watches a woman perform a private one-minute opera about feces. Watch Dead Man’s Bones conquer New York with the oddest talent show, this side of a vaudevillian madhouse in the links below over at Pitchfork. If not just for the innovative way of staging a show, do it for Gosling’s charm and charisma.

Part I: St. Peter’s Choir

Part II: Talent Show

Part III: Beyond The Veil

Part IV: Credits


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