A Brief Introduction into The Makings of A Former Non-Music Blogger.

I case you don’t know, Allow me to Introduce myself. I am Anna Victrola, Not really, It’s actually a nom-de-plume. I am here for your entertainment purposes, for the musicale especial. Kinda like Adam Lambert, only fayer with the glam and much less make-up than he, and way more expensive dreams.

I will however, very gratifyingly, be indulging you fawning-horridly-hipster miscreants with the latest in Indie, Folk, Electro, Trill Wave or whatever is deemed too uncool to listen to a month after it’s posted here. Specializing in the lesser known acts, but also keeping up with the sellouts better known artists.

Have any music you want me to take a listen to, I’d be music obliged. Now, trudging on to the music…


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